Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Rainy day at school

Rainy day at school

I arrived at school, I did not want to hop out of the car because it was pouring down with rain. Mum looked scorching because the car was sizzling.   

3 2 1 there I went blasting like a rocket to class oh no there was a giant puddle, I almost slipped in the big crazy puddle.

Leilah opened  the door woosh came the warm air it surrounded me, my big goosebumps started to disappear.

I looked outside the court it looked like a big giant crazy lake.
Bring bring, it was time for learning, Miss Wallis came she opened her big computer she called out everyone's name.
Slash swoosh bang the rain got angry. The rain was scary. It sounded like it wanted to yell  at the whole school. The heater was warm everyone was boiling I felt like an oven that had been on for 2 hours. I went outside to get my Chromebook. It was freezing brr I said to myself.  

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